Alumni Board

Bryan Perkins, President

Class of 1997

Bryan has been on the Alumni Board since 2014, and he attended AC from his sophomore through senior year. During his time at AC, Bryan worked on the Looking Glass student newspaper, was a member of Writing Club, and played varsity basketball, volleyball, and baseball. Bryan graduated from AC in 1997 and went on to earn a degree in History from the College of Wooster.

Ben Heffron, Vice President

Class of 1998
Ben attended AC from seventh grade through his senior year. He played for Coach Hunt on the Boy's Varsity Soccer team and worked in Rainbow Room after school. During his senior year, Ben was awarded the Gannett Cup in recognition of growth and progress through perseverance. After graduating in 1998, Ben joined the Army in 2003 and earned an MS in Cybersecurity as well as an MBA.
Aubrey Bodary-Palermo
Class of 2008
Dani Brown Henry
Class of 2009
David Burdick
Class of 1985
Ally Chapman
Class of 2009
Amy Hall
Class of 1990
Shelby Riter
Class of 2008
Aaron Ruby
Class of 2007
Akira Stata
Class of 2008
Dann Valenza
Class of 1977
Kristen Weinbach
Class of 1990
Abhi Somaskanda
Class of 2000
Katie Gerstner
Class of 2004
Esther Gabel
Class of 1998

Alumni Association By-Laws

Please click here to view the Allendale Columbia Alumni Association By-Laws, modified and accepted on March 5, 2015.

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