Strategic Priorities

Redefining the Classroom and
Bringing Learning to Life
In the spring of 2022 Allendale Columbia School partnered with the National Association of Independent School (NAIS) to dive into a strategic planning process. The goal was to create a three- to five-year plan outlining strategic priorities to lead the future of AC.

With clear direction over the next three years, our key strategic priorities—based on research, universal best practices, and stakeholder feedback—will reinforce an educational experience unique from anywhere else in our region. We will draw in and retain more families, faculty, and experts in the field to affirm Allendale Columbia’s foothold as a regional leader in education.

Our goals are ambitious. We continue to push boundaries and break down barriers to help confront the challenges that surround us, near and far. We immerse ourselves in outreach— to broaden volunteerism, elevate mentorship, empower ownership, support scholarship, boost pride, and live the AC mission. Because relationship building is at the heart of all we do—for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive future forward.

I am always available to talk about the future of this incredible school and look forward to what the days ahead will bring.

Shannon Baudo
Head of School

"We are continuing to innovate as a school in order to excel locally and globally, readying inspired minds to change the future."
Expanding the Path
Personalized Learning Opportunities
Allendale Columbia School will:
  • Enhance and redesign schedules to optimize learning opportunities for authentic, real-world work.
  • Establish an Innovation Fund that will finance unique, innovative, and nontraditional learning opportunities for students.
  • Create partnerships with local, national, and international businesses and organizations to provide high-impact, authentic learning opportunities for students.
  • Update classroom and non-classroom spaces to create a more collaborative learning environment.
Beyond Academics
Educating the Whole Child
Allendale Columbia School will:
  • Enhance restorative practices.
  • Identify specific resources and provide ongoing professional development to our Student Success Team.
  • Support AC educators through professional development to strengthen their skills in guiding and mentoring students’ learning journey.
  • Create a formalized structure for hearing student input and implement processes for providing feedback.
  • Expand opportunities for learning beyond academics in the classroom that allow students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers who tackle issues head on.
At the Core
Allendale Columbia School will:
  • Enhance service learning opportunities to help connect the AC community to the larger Rochester community.
  • Connect current students with alumni to help provide internships, mentorship, and career advice.
  • Continue our commitment to hiring a diverse faculty.
  • Create three new partially endowed scholarships for RCSD students.
At Allendale Columbia, we prepare students for the world they will inherit. In our trusting and responsive environment, students in nursery through grade 12 grow in confidence and develop scholastic independence.