Ashlee Haze Poetry Workshop

Upper School students will be attending this workshop during their advisory on March 11 in the CPC.
AC will welcome Ashlee Haze, who is a poet and spoken word artist from Atlanta by way of Chicago. She is one of the most accomplished poets in performance poetry and has toured the country performing at over 300 venues and universities. She is the host of Moderne Renaissance, an educational podcast for creatives and moderne thinkers. She holds a philosophy from Georgia State University and spends her time innovating ways to tell the stories not often told and culture podcast for moderne thinkers. We are hosting the “Balancing the Scales: A Conversation on Social Justice,” where attendees will be encouraged to question what they have been taught about race, “the P-word” (privilege), and what actions it takes to bring us closer to justice. This will be a part of our kick off to the SPEAK UP forum followed by ongoing continuous conversations at the lunch tables, advisory, lounges, classrooms etc. of how we advance inclusivity, belonging and justice at AC! 
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