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AC College Consulting is an expansion of AC's successful College Counseling Program. It provides personalized services and guidance options to students from any school who want help navigating the college admissions process.
We serve non-AC students!
AC College Consulting is happy to provide personalized services and guidance options to students from any school.

AC College Consulting offers:

Stephen Polozie

Emily’s program was incredibly helpful. The college process is stressful for everybody, but this program made it much easier to understand. Our family feels a lot better now about the next steps.

Emily Nevinger

Emily Nevinger is the Director of College Counseling at Allendale Columbia School. After serving as the Interim College Advisor in Fall 2018, Emily took on a role to offer students and families outside AC with guidance in the college admissions process. Her role also expanded to the Admissions team, where she helped prospective families learn more about AC’s innovative education, but she is happy to be back in College Counseling. Emily joined AC from Emory University where she directed the selection process for more than 20,000 freshmen candidates each year. She started working at the university level in 2003 and was a senior member of the admission committees for University of Miami, Emory University, and UNC Chapel Hill. Emily holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Policy from Duke University, a Master of Higher Education Administration and Enrollment Management from the University of Miami, and a Certificate in College Access Counseling from Rice University.

Morgan Farrow

Morgan Farrow (she/they) joined AC through an AmeriCorps Fellowship after earning degrees in English Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Rochester. At UR, she worked as a writing and public speaking tutor through their Writing Speaking and Argument Program, and each summer she worked for a private college counseling business where she helped rising high school seniors with the admissions process. It was through these roles that her interest in and passion for tutoring and one-on-one academic support began to grow. Now at AC, Morgan is a grant specialist, co-teacher of the interdisciplinary Production and Design class, and she provides support in the writing lab as well as the college counseling program. Morgan is also a modified soccer coach. She is delighted to be able to support students in these capacities and loves being part of the AC community.
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