College Consulting Testimonials

What Families Are Saying About AC College Consultant, Emily Nevinger

"Both Jim and I found it very insightful and we appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge. This was a great way to introduce [our son] more to planning without having to listen to it from [his parents]."
– Terri Renner, Parent participant in an AC College Consulting Workshop
“Emily’s program was incredibly helpful. The college process is stressful for everybody, but this program made it much easier to understand. Our family feels a lot better now about the next steps.
– Stephen Polozie, Parent participant in an AC College Consulting Workshop
“At such a stressful time in a high school student’s life, Emily Nevinger was part advisor and part coach. She helped hone my daughter’s list of potential colleges, counseled her on what she needed to do to improve her odds of admission at her top choice, and then encouraged her at every step of the way. She was realistic yet compassionate, setting appropriate expectations with an optimistic attitude. She was available whenever Amanda needed to talk things through, provided feedback on her application essay, and prompted her to get in touch at other times with the college reps. Thanks to her, Amanda has been admitted to four of four colleges she applied to, with significant offers of merit aid.
– Marcia Layton Turner, AC Parent of Amanda Turner ‘19
“Working with Emily Nevinger made my son’s college search and application process productive, enjoyable and successful! She shared expert knowledge honed from years of experience in college admissions and broke down an overwhelming process into easily digestible bites. Emily provided frequent reminders and excellent suggestions along the way that made my son stand out as an applicant. He ultimately landed admission to his top choice school. She is friendly, accessible and cares about each individual and the family as a whole. Working with Emily made all the difference in our process!”
– Lisa Shearer, AC Parent of Bobby Shearer ‘19
“The workshop was very helpful…I think one of the best parts was seeing the comparison of student A, B, and C [in the mock admissions committee]. It was eye opening.”
– Wendy Dworkin, Parent participant in an AC College Consulting Workshop
“Ms. Nevinger was clearly committed to advisement and always student-oriented, having an interest in and concern for me as an individual as well as for my college plans. It was helpful with how knowledgeable she was about the requirements and policies of the colleges I was applying to. She was extremely organized and always made time to help me further develop my applications. Ms. Nevinger was also very encouraging and I knew at every step of my college application process that she truly wanted me to succeed. ”
– Tristan Nicosia, AC Class of 2019
“Throughout the college process, Mrs. Nevinger was very helpful and trustworthy in pointing me in the right direction. Through every step, she made me feel positive about the future. Her warm and welcoming spirit made this stressful time way more enjoyable. She would be there for questions and feedback at any time of day or just there to talk about life which is something I will always be thankful for.”
– Raheema Muhammad, AC Class of 2019
“I have always heard that the college process is super stressful but I did not experience that. I was lucky to have Ms. Nevinger as my college advisor. She helped calmed my nerves when I began to freak out if a school was a right fit or not. She also helped prepare me for my interviews and gave me feedback on my college essays. I could not have gone through this process without her.”
– Rachel Sherin, AC Class of 2019
“Emily Nevinger provided invaluable help to my daughter throughout the entire college application process. She provided the necessary structure, information and gentle but persistent prodding needed to make sure deadlines, requests for recommendations were made and essays were done in a manner that allowed my daughter’s strengths to shine. Ensuring parents understand their role in the application and decision process was done in a timely and efficient manner as well. I would encourage any parent that needs help navigating through the college selection and application process to work with Emily.”
– Kathleen Draper, AC Parent of Cassidy Draper ‘19
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