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Allendale Columbia and its Center for Global Engagement is committed to providing diverse and accessible travel opportunities to all its students. Students interested in participating in a trip during their Middle and/or Upper School years are encouraged to apply after hearing about the opportunities early in the school year.

The travel opportunities offered are geared around service learningcultural immersion, and/or entrepreneurship.
In addition to the invaluable learning, growth, and relationship opportunities these travel and cultural experiences provide, these trips are designed to sustain strong connections with our overseas partners to ensure students have meaningful and safe experiences.

Global Engagement News

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  • Students Conduct Scientific Inquiry During 10-Day Costa Rica Trip

    Kelsey Lisi and Aaron Shepard
    Twelve Allendale Columbia students conducted scientific inquiry while immersed in regional culture and Spanish language during an intensive 10-day trip to Costa Rica during AC’s May Term session in the final weeks of the 2018-2019 school year. The experience took place in the region between San José and the Caribbean coast and was organized by the AC Center for Global Engagement and the AC Invent Center for STEM and Innovation.
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  • AC Mexico Trip Builds Connections and Global Mindset

    Rodrigo Gutierrez and Maiyen Sulera Frere
    There’s nothing like traveling to a different part of the world to develop a new perspective. Through the Allendale Columbia Center for Global Engagement, a group of 11 students and two teachers traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on a cultural immersion trip during AC’s 2019 May Term.

    The following notes and photos are taken from a series of emails sent to parents of the students on our AC Mexico trip. (Check back for updates.)
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  • Students Develop Entrepreneurship Skills in Senegal Collaboration

    Ariane Baer-Harper
    During Spring Break in 2018, 12 Allendale Columbia students went to Dakar, Senegal, to participate in an entrepreneurship program entitled, Developing Entrepreneurship Skills through Intercultural Collaboration. This eight-day program was created by the AC Center for Global Engagement, the AC Center for Entrepreneurship, and Baobab Consulting, a company based in New York City and Dakar which specializes in facilitating collaboration between cultures through innovation. Throughout the program, AC students were paired with Senegalese high school students and were tasked to come up with an innovative social entrepreneurship idea.
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  • Madagascar: An Island Filled with Biodiversity and Wonder

    Beth Guzzetta
    Most people think of lemurs when they think about Madagascar. After all, who doesn’t love those cute little furry primates? It is true that lemurs are a huge part of Madagascar’s past and present, and hopefully they will remain around to be part of its future as well. However, lemurs are only a small part of the amazing flora and fauna that is endemic to Madagascar and in danger of becoming extinct without intervention.
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December 2023

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February 2024

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